Track measurements

On an area of 200m² we present of the biggest slotracingtracks in Germany.

In our little cafeteria with Audio and Video auipement, you can have hot and
cold drinks, suffucient talk shop or you can have prices information about our
our fascinateting sports.

Overall length 53m
power per slotrace 50 Amp
computer-counted round´s and times
work area´s with 230 volt socket outlets

Track measurements:   Blue King straught line extanded to 15m
                                                       8 trace´s
                                                       steep curve 25°
                                                       other curve 3-6°
                                                       power per trace 50 Amp
                                                       cabeling international standard
                                                       computer counted rounds and times
                                                       Workareas with 230V socket outlets

Track data

4mm plugs for the track.
The positiv braid on the King-Track is on the right hand side!
The braid recess on the track is approx 0,1mm

red positiv
black  negativ
yellow Regelung Bahn